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Redispan Modular Conveyors, which operates from its purpose equipped manufacturing and assembly facilities at Tomago, N.S.W, Australia, is arguably the world’s leading company in design, manufacture and supply of Patented Modular conveyor systems.

Redispan ® Fully Enclosed Gallery & Conveyor System

Modular In width, ranging from 2m to 6m, the standard span of the patented Redispan Conveyor systems is 36m, supplied in 18m modules. With special span lengths of up to 78m having been supplied to suit particular site requirements. Utilizing 3D Conveyor Modeling on an Inventor software platform, enables the internal arrangement of the modules to be customized as to each projects exclusive requirements. Through advanced manufacturing methods, Redispan has also been able to apply curved exteriors to their modules, enhancing the aesthetics and visual appearance, whilst allowing for self shedding of dust and the natural cleansing of sections by rain. Accommodating concrete floors, that are wear-resistant and fully sealed for wash down, and sustaining a fully enclosed structure, with exceptional sound attenuation and minimal maintenance. Steel floors are optional. The Redispan gallery system is engineered for the environment. Meeting all requirements regarding dust, spillage, green house emissions and is very amenable to good house keeping practice.

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RediTrestle ® Gallery Support System    

Designed and manufactured to support the Redispan Galleries, each RediTrestle under goes stringent load calculations prior to release for any project. Manufactured in modular sections and to rigid tolerances, allows uncomplicated installation, with no hot work on site. The cylindrical shapes and Galvanized surface protection, ensures longevity through self cleansing.

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Safe-T-Veyor ® Flat Packed Conveyor & Gantry System    

Modular in construction and AS1755 compliant, Redispan’s patented Safe-T-Veyor is factory packaged and shipped as a “flat pack“, ready for assembly. As a stackable package, the logistics and freight costs are kept to a minimum, with only semi-skilled labor required for installation. Integral Walkways, Customized load points and fiberglass roofs are all optional, with integral wind covers and adjustable service mounts as standard.

Trestle-Auto-Latch ® Gallery to Trestle Locking Device    

Supplied as part of Redispan’s Turnkey package. The patented Trestle-Auto-Latch system, is simply lowered onto the top of the “RediTrestle” till it engages. Making for an expeditious and economical installation.


ISO-Standard Conveyor Systems

Redispan Modular Conveyors embraces best practice manufacturing methods, quality control and quality assurance to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000, and utilizes the practical and technical know-how accumulated over many years


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